2018 Annual Checkup Rates:

Hourly Rate: $90

An annual checkup (often called a clean, oil, and adjust or “COA”) will take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on the age and condition of the instrument. If the instrument is newer and in better condition, estimate on the lower end. If the instrument requires replacement of multiple pads and/or significant cleaning or mechanical work, then estimate three hours or more. If I do not feel confident that I can do a COA and bring the instrument back into good working condition, then I would recommend an overhaul.

2018 Overhaul Rates:

C Flutes:

Student Instrument – $375
Intermediate/Step-up/Open Hole Instrument – $800
Professional Instrument – $1,200

Alto and Bass Flutes:

Intermediate Instrument – $900
Professional Instrument – $1,200


Student: $375
Intermediate: $700
Professional: $900

An overhaul includes repadding and shimming of pads, adjusting, complete disassembly and oiling of mechanisms, oiling wooden bodies, cleaning and hand polishing, limited spring replacement (as required), mechanical adjustments, simple resoldering, and dent removal. I will need to schedule overhauls in advance and keep your instrument for a minimum of two weeks.

Instrument Restoration:

Instrument restoration prices are quoted on a case by case basis. Restoration might be required for instruments greater than 50 years in age that require significant mechanical and structural work and cleaning.

Please Note:

  • Major mechanical or body work or special requests for buffing or spring replacement may result in extra cost.
  • There may also be extra costs for special orders of pads.
  • Felt or Straubinger pads are used on professional flutes contingent on the instrument’s condition.
  • Felt pads are used on student and intermediate flutes.
  • For piccolos, Straubinger pads are used on intermediate and professional instruments unless otherwise requested.
  • I do not usually install cork pads, but I can adjust pads that are currently fitted in instruments.