There is no agreement on this question and I doubt there ever will be. Generally but not absolutely speaking this is the disagreement. Physicists say people think they hear a difference when there is no significant difference in sound based on materials used. And manufacturers say materials used in construction can make an important difference in sound. From my perspective, I think there are differences in sound among different materials. However, the material is only one of many determinants of an instrument’s sound. All factors together determine what the flute can do. I do not think that there is such a thing as a definitive “gold” sound versus a “silver” sound that everyone hears immediately when you play. You will more readily see than hear the difference. But I do believe there are sound tendencies in different materials. How important this is and whether or not one is better than another can’t be easily quantified. Some people say they like silver, others say they like gold or platinum or something else. Some people change their minds over time. Others say they can’t hear a difference.

And don’t forget that no matter how expensive the instrument, if it’s out of adjustment then its sound will be compromised. You can easily make the most expensive professional instrument sound worse than a well maintained and manufactured student model instrument by putting it out of adjustment.

I say if you like it and can afford it and think it’s worth it, then get whatever you want and be happy.