I don’t do just repads. Replacing all pads in the flute results in having to make adjustments throughout the mechanisms. Most work in an overhaul centers around the replacement of pads and resultant adjustments. If you try to save money by putting in new pads and not making these adjustments, your flute will probably play worse than before the repad. If your flute really needs all its pads to go, then it’s time for an overhaul. But if most of the flute is fine and just a couple of pads need replacement, you can often get away with much less work and cost. If the pads being replaced are felt, then anticipate that the adjustments will go out between the old and new pads more quickly than when uniform pads are involved. If you are replacing Straubinger pads, because they are highly consistent you do not have the same instability issues and the flute tends to remain in adjustment.